Monday, March 31, 2008

There is a guy I see in this Chinese restaraunt near where I teach. He's about 5'8" 145lbs mid to late 20's...maybe even early 30's...pretty thin...furrowed brow, short cut med. brown hair...his bottom lip out a bit like he has a chew pack inserted...he looks unhappy (my judgement)...he's the only white dude that works there...eveyone else Chinese...What got him there? What happened that led him to fill out an application to take lucnh and dinner orders, here, in this specific place? He has a boss, a tall but portly Chinese man who also looks least the order taker flicks his head up in a nod of acknowledgement...what were their childhoods like? seems like asking could lead to dissapointment as I have several stories going for both of them...the order taker wears least every time I've been in there...I wonder if he's wondering why I keep half looking at him sketching and writing, scrawling something about him...I'm creepy